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Product Design

Our team usually joins a New Product’s life cycle since it’s still a
mere idea on paper. Constructing a New Product is a one thing,
while Designing it from scratch is a totally different story.
The ability to convert an idea into a physical product requires a
huge amount of talents, knowledge, expertise, and resources.
By the end of the day, our motto is “Design IS how it WORKs”.

Our Product Design Services

With more than two decades of non-stop Product Innovations; our highly resourceful team has succeeded in developing a robust process that guarantees a (No Stone Left Unturned) criteria, this expanded our horizons exponentially to give our customers the best ever suggestions we can, ALWAYS.

Project Evaluation

Conducting analysis on your new product allows us to align market needs, design, engineering and manufacturing strategies to maximise your return on investments.

Concept Design

Once we receive your product brief, this is the time we start generating as much questions as we can, challenging most of the beliefs and “facts”, with nothing is taken for granted. This usually opens a lot of unexpected horizons which becomes translated into innovative concepts that both aligns with your vision; and pushes the boundaries of your Product Category.

Product Engineering

We develop robust engineering solutions to bring your product concept to life using the latest CAD software tools and our experienced engineering team.

Prototype Design

The prototype will allow our engineers and your team to sort out all the bugs in the concept, and prelude the last changes before the design for manufacturing.

Design For Manufacturing (DFM)

Being based in Shenzhen-China, so Manufacturing is definitely a core tool of our skillset. Developing a cost-effective product is what maximizes both your profitability and competitiveness.

In Top-level-Design, we decide the best way to implement certain features, such
as deciding if a feature is better done by a dedicated hardware, rather than
purely by software.

This stage is where the product’s various features are laid out and the required
resources are sorted out to carry on the product design.