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Our Technology Integration Services

Assessing technology and building custom electronic solutions for your
an innovative product to succeed in today’s technology-driven marketplace.
With almost 30 years of deep experience in electronic and mechanical design services,
our team enjoys an extensive knowledge in many fields of today’s technology.
Technology is changing at a faster rate than any time in human history, and this has
created abundant opportunities, for emerging brands and innovators, to achieve high
growth in their businesses.

To take a lead in your industry, you need to have a team that can translate your needs
into great products, that can be produced in high volume to support the market

As your partner, we determine the most effective technology and approach, to achieve
the functions of your new product.
Be guided by our team of creative engineers, as they work through a methodical
approach, to achieve the optimum balance between function, reliability and cost.
Bringing new features and functionality to your industry,
using the best commercially available technology with our custom electronics and
mechanical hardware solutions.

electronics evaluation

Electronic & Mechanical Evaluation

Conducting an electronics and costing evaluation of your new product allows us to determine preliminary product costs and forecast engineering development resources.

rapid demonstration

Rapid Demonstration

Move fast to validate your technology solutions by conducting lab tests and building demonstration units that achieve the core functions of your product.

custom electronics

Custom Electronic & Mechanic

We design custom hardware and firmware to suit the unique requirements of your innovative products in preparation for testing and functional validation.

Hardware Prototypes

Making prototypes or production samples of the electronics hardware is required to prepare for testing, engineering validation and verifying all of the product functions.


How it Work

“Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful.”

John Maeda







Technical Advantages

Our R&D team is specialized in Industrial Control circuits; we’ve been through
various types of interfacing techniques;
Microprocessor and Microcontroller families; Analog & Digital design techniques;
Bluetooth & Wi-Fi connectivity, IoT (Internet-Of-Things) technology, this makes a big
difference when designing for the fastest ever-growing field of Electronic Products.